You’d think email?

Sure, but it can also be Jabber Texting, and sip.  Have all three on your family site.  Buy a domain from NameCheap, or ghandi, but absolutely not godaddy for about $8 a year. 

Delegate email services to (free, NO ads, so you know actually free)

Delegate sip services to SipThor.  Free sip calling.  Receive free calls from normal phones.

Delegate jabber texting to

Email $0
Sip $0
Jabber 8€
Domain $8
$15 a year

Be sure to inform contacts via your email signature

Jabber / email / sip :

Sip and jabber can do texting.  Optionally buy a phone number for $2/month for legacy SMS texting, and also be able to call normal phones.

When Cubans make the switch to smarter phones be sure you have data but REDUCE COSTS by picking a smaller minute allotment, and DITCH legacy SMS texting. 

Tall son has legit unlimited data from Verizon.. With no limits.. What you’d expect from English word.  And 2000 minutes, no old fashioned SMS text. But no subsidized phone purchases.  Totally worth buying an $800 phone occasionally.

The point.. You don’t need unlimited everything plans (most especially because of the lies, but also the cost of the lies) when you also use jabber and sip.

… Long Cuban conversations don’t have to use plan minutes